blazetrak - Where you can submit composer reels and artists for noble consideration and review
soundcloud - Posting new tracks and old faves all the time and twittering them
music blog network - America's premier music blog network
adtunes - Find music in TV Commericals, Movie Trailers, Soundtracks and more
ascap - The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
the surrealist - Generate random advertising slogans for you or your company
voicebank - Find Voiceover talent
Tommy Niblack - Singer Songwriter
soundexchange - Get paid, an independent, nonprofit performance rights organization
tunecore - Sell your music online
mitch osias - My former parnter in LMNOP and a extremely talented Sound Designer
david meerman scott - A Social Media Guru
keyboard museum - An awesome collection of virtual retro synths and Drum Machines
bandcamp - Purchase or download free music from Noble Music and Tony Shimkin
ilike - To view video and listen to audio, view photos etc from ur iphone
daveway - Mix tips Great Enginneer better Friend
digitaldoctorz - For all your tech needs advice and then some
ping - Update all your social networks at once
allmyfaves - One stop site to link to all sites
music-skins - Customize your ipod, pc etc
face the music - Good friends and a great company
theveryoddhouse - Great composer of Noble Music and Beyond
keyboardmuseum - FUN and NOSTALGIA
bestadsontv - Keep up to date work hard get noticed
lala - Music at your fingertips better than radio
mediabistro - Keep up with the industry
digg - Whats HOT - Take a break you work too hard
adweek - Industry standard
shootonline - Industry standard
sourceecreative - Search and watch the latest ads, see who is working on them